C.I. Colina Business Group S.A.S will be a successful company in the development and production of natural canned food , providing pleasure and facilitating food preparation and consumption. .

C.I. Colina Business Group S.A.S contributes with human talent with the required technology, with its, knowledge and its supplier’s network, in the production of healthy and nutritious products. By doing so, its customers enjoy the consumption and preparation of its products. This mission also contributes with their shareholders and employees social and economic well being.


The commitment of our Business Group is to produce and sell gourmet products by developing a quality assurance system. La Colina is commited with providing an excellent product, and integrating all active areas of the company.

- To apply the technical standards in each of our products
- To provide timely delivered goods in perfect condition, meeting our customer requirements.
- Select, lead, train and motivate our human talent, which is the greatest asset in achieving excellent results.
- Maintaining business profitability leves, that are consistent with our shareholders expectantions.


The values represent the philosophical principles that guide the business behavior, those values are an essential part of the organizational culture.

They route the company behavior, define the identity of the organization; establish the attitudes and relationship with the customers and among the organization.

La Colina is comitted to their business and to sustain a consistent behavior towards all its actions, is guided by the following core values:

- Responsibility
- Well being
- Respect
- Honesty.

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